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“But what if I can’t?”

       … Monday at Camp Victory …
During homework time, the kids won’t stop talking about the trip, so a StreetLeader asks them each their favorite part to get it out and get them back on track

StreetLeader: What was YOUR favorite part of the trip?
Child: The whole thing!
StreetLeader: You need to pick just one thing.
Child: *thinking*… *really hard*… But what if I can’t?

After completing their college application (including essay, GPA, and references) 73 students were accepted for a college weekend at UD.  Some of the favorite parts (they couldn’t pick from) included a campus tour/scavenger hunt, playing on the quad, meeting students and asking all of their questions, playing games at Cornerstone Presbyterian Church (who hosted us for games, sleep, breakfast and church), brunch in the dining hall, and ice skating.


Why are these trips important?  
Why do a college focused trip with 3rd-8th graders?

Here are a few thoughts from the camp directors…

“If I didn’t spend extended periods of time with some kids, their struggles that often go unnoticed in shorter times (like frustrations, working through deep conflict) wouldn’t get attention.  We get to know the kids on a deeper level.”

“My kids want to go to UD.  They don’t really know why, but they know they want to be there.”

“Its not enough!  I want to cast vision of what it takes and what college is really like.  This trip gets them thinking about it and the fun they had.  Now I can go deeper; maybe take them to a class, bring students into camp, just really keep them focused on what it will take to get there.”

From a parent…

“My daughter had a great time!  She’s in 4th grade, and came home talking about college.  To be able to send her away for a weekend with people we trust, and her to come back with vision like that is amazing!”

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