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Box City

This past weekend a few students and staff from UrbanPromise joined with a local church in Hockessin to raise awearness for the homeless families around our area by sleeping in a box. Yes, it was really a box! Here are a few things I have learned about sleeping in a box:
                                  –  Always bring more duck tape than you think you will need.
                                  –   Set up your box before it is dark and you can not see.
                                  –   Kids aperently have no problem sleeping in 30 degree weather
                                  –   I have no understanding of what it means to be homeless.
    What I’m taking from this trip is an overwhelming thankfulness for the roof over my head and the warm bed I sleep in (even if I have to share a house with 14 or 4 other people I am blessed). But not only that I really reflected a lot on some of the families we work with here at UrbanPromise and though some of them have not been sleeping in boxes some of them do not have stable sleeping and living arrangements and could be considered homeless. Just thinking about that made me pray and thank God that our families have UrbanPromise and a place to come even just for a few hours that is safe and stable. So thank you guys for helping us stay stable for our families. And just so you know we made it home safely with all of our limbs and when we told the kids thanks for being brave enough to do this with us in freezing weather they asked us what we were talking about! One girl said, “all we did was sleep in a box”.
~Salima Watson, Camp Harmony

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