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Arctic Ride for Dreams

IMG_3989Andrew Smith started out on a journey over 100 days and 20,000 miles ago.  He was plotting out his dream of traveling from Miami to Alaska and across Canada on his motor cycle when he met Dr. Bruce Main (UrbanPromise Camden founder).  Realizing that all of the UrbanPromise locations in Canada and the US would be on his route, he added to his dream by wanting to stop at each of them.  Bruce Main’s response… Why not!?!

While sharing with the kids of Camps Freedom and Harmony this afternoon, Andrew talked about the journey, the animals, and being able to fulfill his dream.  His next challenge, to capture the dreams of each child.  Andrew’s home church, Miami Shores Presbyterian Church, will be hanging a banner with streamers of each child’s dream from all of the UrbanPromise locations.  This thing will be massive!  The church will be praying for them as a whole and as individuals.  What a blessing for our children to know that someone cares about their dreams and knows that they are worthy to be prayed for.

We are thankful for Andrew’s willingness to answer all the questions and for believing that the dreams of our children are important!  Safe travels, Andrew!

If you would like more information on his trip, or to support UPW through his journey, check out his website and put UrbanPromise Wilmington as the organization.



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