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A chance to join the parade.

Tuesday was our second day of running after-school program and to be honest, I found myself wondering what I’d gotten myself into, even though it’s my 4th year to direct the program. Out of nowhere, I caught myself questioning the impact that we’re having or the necessity of the program.

After ASP, Moses and I decided to visit the homes of the children who haven’t shown up for camp this school year. As we made our rounds we ran into 4 out of 5 of the kids that planned to visit. They were all playing together, along with one past camper, and a new friend. ALL of the boys insisted that we come and talk to each of their mothers, so we mapped out the best route and headed on our way.

This parade was quite hilarious to me and I laughed inside as the six of us gallivanted around the neighborhood to talk to the unsuspecting mothers. Most were enthusiastic about the program and were very grateful that we’d come to talk to them.

While on our way, the boys all tried to talk to me at the same time and begged me to watch them each do flips, kart wheels, and somersaults in the grass.

God, I get the point. After seeing these, Your precious children, I’m reminded about why we do what we do. These kids need a place to go, to be safe, to be kids, to do their homework, and to learn and grow. Some of their homes are so chaotic and they just need to escape. Some of their moms are so busy, and they just need some attention.

Yes, God, I remember why I do what I do. And I thank You for the encouragement. God, we need more mentors, we need more volunteers. But then again, You know what we need. Thank You in advance for how You will provide. God, help me to be obedient and faithful: giving people the opportunity to volunteer. God, help me to know what is best for each child, and to do everything in my power to encourage, hold to high expectations, equip, and love each one.

Thank You for this memorable night and fun with these hilarious little ones.

Written by:  Kristin Walker, Camp Freedom Director

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