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3 year workteam Vet

Whats the purpose of a workteam?  What good do they do?

I sat down with Ross, a third year veteran, from Grove City, PA.  As he prepares for college, he looked back on his memories and couldn’t help but comment on the kids, the organization, his love for Christ, and how all three have grown.  “I love to watch the kids and how they explore who Jesus is in their hearts.  This year, on the very first day, the first kid I saw ran up to me and said my name.  How did he remember my name after a year?  Its unbelievable!”

“Over the years I’ve grown in my faith with the Lord, my love for Christ is doing well, and I’m always excited to come back.  After the first year I wanted to do it again and again.”

No matter your role (a once a week volunteer, a workteam member for a week, and intern for the summer), God uses it to grow what He is doing.  During a devotion yesterday, Joel, director of Camp Hope, told the workteam they are all a drop of rain in the storm to water the kids and their seeds. “Some of us are here for a while, and have more rain drops, but each drop is important.”

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