WorkTeams getting the job done! – Register for 2023

What can we do in one week?  

We’ve all heard the stories that say when you multiply that by ___, a lot gets done!  UrbanPromise knows to the truth of that each summer.

Each summer, groups made up of youth and adults come to the city for one week to see how God could use them.  After a morning devotion with one of our staff members, they split up to the different summer camps to help out, play, and encourage.  Campers get extra attention (especially helpful when crafts are involved), teachers get extra help getting materials read, and StreetLeaders get to build relationships with youth from other areas of the country (and vise versa).  

After lunch, teams come together to tackle different projects.  Over the course of the summer we’ve seen rooms painted, yards and gardens transformed, furniture moves as schools get ready for the following year, bikes checked for StreetLeader bike trips, staff house building issues are resolved, and often a trip to the dump or two.

As the ministry grows, and spaces change purpose, being able to have mission teams help in the process.  They literally take a weight off, and make the transition a lot smoother and easier to handle. 

We are grateful for the teams that came through to help and hope you will consider bringing your own team the summer of 2023!

If you and your group want more information on how you can be involved contact Deborah Holcombe, WorkTeam Director.