Pedal for Promise

Support us as we experience this hard, intense training for the Pedal for Promise.
All of the support raised is going towards a good cause. It’s totally worth it!



Naisha McNair

Role: Camp Amen StreetLeader
Fundraising Goal: $300

Sky Prestowitz

Role: Urban Trekkers Director
Fundraising Goal: $1,000



Thank you for supporting UrbanPromise, believing in us, and donating money.

We would be truly blessed and appreciative of any amount of donation you can make towards reaching our goals for Pedal for Promise.

Naisha: I am looking to raise $300. While this may seem like a small amount for some, this is my first time raising money and doing a bike marathon. So helping me reach my goal will make this first experience good one!

Sky: I am looking to raise $1,000. Sometimes it feels like we might need a miracle, but I’ve seen God work miracles through you before, help contribute to making another miracle happen!

This bike and all of our hard work training is going to a good cause. We know the hard work is going to pay off!

It may take a lot of energy to get up the hill, but the ride down is worth it, a reward afterwards.

Your donation will be going towards providing new experiences for small town city kids to get out of their comfort zone and experience new things and new places.

As part of Trekkers we witness places we’ve never seen before, places we didn’t know were there but were so close to home. We learn about focusing on teamwork in creation and having perseverance. We can see God through the journey of the Trekker trips.

20160329_152705(0)These journeys look different for different people. Some are just getting over fears, others have a chance to get away from home or whatever is going on at home. Some just like being out and having fun. Trekkers impacts everyone differently.

We’ll accept any amount you can give: $5, $20, $100, $250. You could even give $1,000 to make a change.

By choosing to support this cause, you are having an impact, not only on StreetLeader’s lives, but also in the lives of the kids we work with. You are making an impact in Delaware!

Thank you for believing that a change can be made in this city. Despite all the bad and everything that is going on nowadays, thank you for believing that there are children trying to rise above the influences of today’s generation. Something little can have a BIG impact.

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