Paddler: Rob Ruzanic

Goal: $3,000

This Saturday, I’m paddling in an outrigger canoe from Philadelphia to Wilmington, Delaware to support summer jobs for teens.


25 miles in a canoe alongside oil tankers, barges, and freighters for 8 hours is a small price to pay to support 55 teens in their first job!  Please support me in Paddle for Promise.

Summer jobs are so important and they provide such a valuable opportunity to teens in Wilmington. This program provides not only a job and on-the-job-training, but offers teens mentoring, a place to be role models, tutoring, help with college, and a huge social support network.

UrbanPromise is the LARGEST YEAR-ROUND EMPLOYER OF TEENS IN THE CITY.  This year we have a record 55 students working with us alongside our staff, they will provide support and mentoring to 550 children in our free summer camps.

It costs us $60,000 to pay the salaries of 55 teens, our goal is to raise $30,000 and my goal is $3,000.  Please click the link below and donate whatever you can, any amount is helpful, $10, $100, or even $1,000!

Your gift will truly change lives!!  THANK YOU!

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