Find out how you can support UPW’s StreetLeaders

Saturday, July 17th, over 100 paddlers will be making their way down the Christina River to raise money for UrbanPromise Wilmington’s StreetLeader® program.

Paddlers this year represent over 20 churches and 28 businesses. This year, a couple of teens involved in the StreetLeader program will also be paddling.

Why do we Paddle?

  • We paddle to raise funds for the UrbanPromise Wilmington’s StreetLeader® program – our leadership development program that is the largest employer of youth year around in the City of Wilmington. 
  • The StreetLeader Program is making a difference in the lives of teens in the city by offering job training, leadership development, tutoring, employment, mentoring and college prep. 
  • Our StreetLeaders have the opportunity to gain a sense of confidence, independence, responsibility, accountability, understanding how to work with different people, how to be a part of a team, improved communication skills and step into roles that can be challenging. They are able to develop useful skills such as preparation, time management, healthy work habits and conflict resolution. 

Click to donate and help support the UrbanPromise Wilmington’s StreetLeader® program.

To cheer the teams along, head down to the river front and see if you can catch them rowing past. Paddlers should be passing by around 8:30am-11am (depending on launch times and speed of paddlers). Come down to cheer them on. Staff will be on site near the Riverwalk Mini Golf.