Camps Hope and Freedom’s Spring Break Adventure 2017


There’s so much out there that the world has to offer, but how will they know if they don’t go!

: 14 kids, 6 adults
Where: Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas
When: April 14- April 22nd
Why: To deepen relationships as a community
To broaden vision of what’s possible
To discover new places


IMG_3775 Q: Ms. Emily, why do you go on these trips?
A: “Every family needs a vacation!  Vacations were always fun for me because of the exciting places we went and the memories that were made. I’ll never forget our family ski trip to Colorado or our trip to Padre Island. Up until that point, I had no idea mountains and oceans were real. I also think the time together was important. Every family meal, every planned activity, every long car ride, you think you know your family and then you learn so much more in those moments. That’s what I want with my kids.” -Emily Kennedy  (Camp Hope Director)

Q: “Mr. Tim, why do you think these trips are important?” 

A: “My picture of Jabriel was an angry kid who didn’t like people. But then, on the trip, I saw him get licked in the face by a dog. I guess the trip gave me a better picture of who Jabriel was and he got a better picture of who I was and we both brought that back to Wilmington.

-Tim Lewis
(Camp Freedom Director)