Camp Amen goes to Upstate New York

Camp Amen has a vision to be a family that raises leaders, restores community, and empowers young people to discover the full life that Christ offers.

We want to take a group of 8 of our kids for the entire week of spring break to Upstate NY. Set up to be similar to a family vacation, this trip will give our kids an opportunity to see the world beyond their neighborhoods, meet Christians from different places and cultures who still love the same God, and be immersed for a week in an intense Christian family-like environment.

In order to go on this trip, each child must write and give a speech to a room of about 100 people. The kids are hard at work on their speeches, doing everything they can so they can go.

Camp Amen can’t go without your help! Please help us raise the money we need so we can go on this trip!

We need to raise a total of $2,200.
You canhelp us cover costs by:Renting us a 15 passenger van: $679.93
Covering our gas: $198.75
Feeding all of us a for a day: $80
Parking in NYC: $35
Buying us ice cream treats from Stewarts: $20