Uniform Guidelines

At UrbanPromise Academy, we believe that maintaining a dress code helps foster a focused learning environment. 

Dress Code
Students at UrbanPromise Academy wear uniforms. Research has shown that neat attire worn by all students has a favorable impact on their attitudes and approach to classwork, behavior, and school in general. School uniforms enhance the image of the school and the students in the community. Parents are responsible for obtaining their child’s uniform. 


  • All clothing should fit in a manner that is modest and neat in appearance. Clothing that is overly loose and baggy, or tight and form-fitting is considered unacceptable.  
  • Any closed-toed shoe is acceptable. No high heels are permitted.
  • No outerwear (jackets, coats, etc.), headwear, or hats are to be worn inside the building.
  • The school director will make the final decision regarding unique dress code cases.


  • UrbanPromise Academy polo with logo uniform shirts must be worn.
  • Students may wear solid white, grey, navy, or black sweaters over their polo shirt.
  • UrbanPromise T-shirts must be worn for physical education classes. Students may bring their athletic wear to school and change into it before gym.  


  • Students are required to wear tan, grey, green, blue, or black colored khaki style pants or shorts.
  • Students are required to wear a belt at all times
  • Female students may wear knee-length tan, grey, blue, or black skirts 

On Dress Down Days students may dress out of uniform. All general uniform guidelines apply. Staff will clarify expectations with students.


  • If a student is out of uniform on a non-dress down day, it will result in a 30 minute detention after school.